Claudia bridal photography shoot Glasgow

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Wedding photography shoot Glasgow 2015.

We decided to take some portrait style images in the room after the ceremony while the bride was getting ready for the evening meal.


The room i was shooting the photographs in was small and the furniture was dark so a tight focus was maintained on the bride with the rest of the room being lost in the soft focus. The bride really is the centre of attention on these beautiful images.

Claudia--bridal photoshoot glasgow 2015

Depending on your wedding photograph preferences the colour saturation can be taken down to create a more ethereal image


Claudia-bridal-shoot hotel glasgow

Booking a professional photographer ensures you have someone who can direct you to get the most from your wedding photographs. As you can see from this sequence of images, Just the slightest change in the camera angle, composition or any of the brides features can create a drastically different image.


Claudia-bridal-shoot wedding photographs from Glasgow


Your wedding photography should capture  you in a way you feel represents your natural beauty.

It’s easy for photographers to get lost in modern photo editing software like photoshop and it’s easy for photographers to go to far. We generally will not remove blemishes or other skin marks like moles, pitting etc unless you specifically ask for photo editing of this scale to be carried out.  The wedding photographs we provide our couples are natural and feel unposed, even when some direction has went into capturing the shot or creating the post. The shot will be captured in the most natural lighting, with the most natural pose and the most natural post production. These images are the most timeless and are set to stand the test of time as they are shared over and over again with friends and your family as it grows throughout the years.

You will be glad you chose J-martin wedding photographer Glasgow as you main wedding photography provider. you can see more of my photography work on the gallery and portfolio pages. References from my wedding photography service are available on the reference page and upon request.

Should you be considering J-martin wedding photographer Glasgow, please don’t hesitate to drop me a mail and i will arrange a free meeting to discuss your special day, you can tell me you wedding plans and i can tailor one of my wedding packages to suit your requirements.

Then i can provide you with a free no-obligation quote for your wedding photography service from j-martin wedding photographers Glasgow

Claudia bridal photography shoot Glasgow
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