How to plan your wedding photography

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Planning your wedding photography

how-to-plan-your-wedding-photography by james martin wedding photographer Glasgow

James Martin at Wedding photography helps with your wedding photography planning. 

Planning your wedding photography in advance will help your photographer deliver the type of shots you really want in your album. From capturing important family members or group shots that would mean a lot to you.

Each and every person is unique, photography is considered an art form which means it’s subjective to your opinion. One person may love a particular photograph while another will find it dull and uninteresting, this is why it matters so much that you discuss your likes and dislikes with your wedding photographer in advance. All photographers will understand the technical aspects of the art, but each will have a unique style and interpretation of how they go about composing an image. A useful idea is to keep a mood board, collect images you like. Use google image search to search for photographs of couples and analyse a few to see what you like.

Is the image full of implied affection ? Do you like to see couples in a tight embrace? Or do you prefer more formal photography ?

do you prefer candid images which look like they have been captured without direction? Or do you prefer classic, traditional posed photography ?

At James Martin wedding photography Glasgow this is part of your wedding consultation. we will meet with you twice before your big day. The first time we meet we will ask for a copy of your guest plan with a list of important group shots you would like taken.

Our group shots always include the typical combination of family members but sometimes there will be family members or close friends who you really want to capture together.


Wedding photography locations

The locations for your wedding photography will depend on the amount of time you would like to spend on your wedding photoshoot. If you ask any photographer they will tell you the time spent is never enough. If you ask a wedding coordinator or planner then the time taken for photographs is always too much. The important thing to remember is this is your special day. You are the one getting married and it’s your memories I will be capturing when we shoot your big day together.

For Weddings taking place in Glasgow, there are an abundance of local parks and gardens to provide a beautiful, classic backdrop to your photographs. The botanical gardens in Glasgow makes a wonderful photography location for your wedding photos and looks beautiful all year round.


Inside or outside

Sometimes the weather makes it impossible to take your wedding photographs outside, when it’s too rainy or windy to venture out into the open a good photographer will carry portable lighting equipment so he can set up your group shots anywhere in your wedding venue. No matter where you decide to get married there will be somewhere with some interesting textures that would make a suitable background for your photographs. So ask your photographer when booking if they have portable lighting equipment to cope with the chance the lighting may be unsuitable on the day. There would be nothing worse than having your wedding photographs returned, only to find they are dull and lack contrast and brightness.

Traditional or Contemporary

This is where  your personal preference comes into consideration. Do you like the traditional photography style. Classic images which are posed to get the most from your dress, hair, make-up and all the effort that has gone into your day? Most modern brides say they don’t like this style of photography then backtrack when they realise that most of the beautiful images they would want in the album are of this variety.

Contemporary photography will employ more modern photography styles and will usually include the reportage style photography that women have come used to seeing in glossy magazines and features covering high profile celebrities and such.

At James Martin Wedding photography Glasgow, we recommend a mix of both classic and modern so your album will flow and tell the story of your day. 


How to plan your wedding photography

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