5 top tips for choosing a wedding photographer

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5 Top tips to help when choosing a wedding photographer videographer

It finally happened, He got down on one knee, produced a ring and made you the happiest person alive. Now you are over the initial excitement and it’s time to get serious.

You have a party to plan !! And not just any party, This is the party of your lifetime.

Your wedding day is coming You’re involved! It’s great, it’s fantastic, it’s fun…and it’s plenty of work! Exactly why? Because today you’ve got to start the planning, and very top of the list of things you want to do for the wedding day is to find the perfect photographer to take the photographs of your wedding ceremony. These tips from http://weddingphotographerglasgow.org.uk/ should hopefully set you on your way towards finding your perfect wedding photographer.

Top of your list !

It must be one in the first things you need to do, because the best professional
photographers ebook their daily activities a year or two in progress. If you choose
outstanding pics start trying to find your digital photographer right when you finally book ones catering hall. The typical wedding season for a photographer is actually between April-November.
For bride’s in this particular season, it’s never too early to provisionally book your videographer or digital photographer. For those within an “off peak” month or year, 6-12 months is a great timeline to help secure your chosen photographer. The earlier you can start looking, the more chance you have of selecting your perfect photographer.

So Tips on how to choose the best wedding photographer ?

Local Networking

This is the fun part, contact everyone you can think of who has been married in the last few years, they all used a wedding photographer. Inquire around family, friends, your caterer and also other vendors such as your hotel, car rental or other bridal supplier. Most have deals set up with preferred photographers so it doesn’t hurt to see whats available.


Wedding photography is not something to be taken lightly. At wedding photographers Glasgow, We understand the importance weighing on the day. Wedding photography is not a shoot you can repeat if you don’t get it just right. You need a trustworthy photographer who can be relied upon to perform on the day.

Good wedding photographers have a track record of success, delivering the goods on time and on point, and are also relatively well-known in the local wedding supply chain. They should be the easiest to discover but they will also be the first to fill bookings so if you want a well known photographer to shoot your day you may need to move quicker.
Start one’s search by trying for recommendations from relatives and buddies who have held weddings just before your affair. Ask as long as they liked your photographer. Have a look at their marriage ceremony album. Your friends and family will your very best interests in mind and you should get the most honest viewpoints. Additionally, other professionals associated with your special day will likely have worked with photographers before. Ask with regard to recommendations from your catering hall, florist, DJ/band or perhaps limousine new driver. If one more vendor, such as your caterer, is ready to stake their reputation on recommending somebody, odds are generally high that it photographer can be quite good.

Local photographers in Glasgow

If you do have a list of photographers to select from, check out and about their websites to begin eliminating candidates from your list. Additionally, give the call and see how friendly they’re, if they may discuss pricing over the phone (the excellent ones will) and see how accommodating they’re with their hours.

On your stop by, what you think of their offices? Are they found in a well-kept developing or storefront? What on earth is your primary impression in the space creatively? How will you be greeted? Are you offered the refreshment? May be the place fresh and well-kept? All of this speaks on the small details…and when a company protects the smaller details, odds are very excellent they handle the higher quality , details in the similar style.

Video is the new photography

How are they classified and can they provide photos AND video?
Take into account the style you want your photos to talk about.
A pinterest style mood board of any particular photographs you like will let your photographer get an idea of the style of images you like.

Strike a pose
You should consider things such as pose, traditional or classic or modern.

Do you along with your fiance like traditional posing and a more “classic” appear?

Or do you prefer more light-hearted, playful and candid photos?

There isn’t any wrong reply! It’s whatever you like greatest that is important! Is there a nice selection of albums? Are they capable to show a person photos through the venue which you have chosen for ones event? Carry out they take care of all work in-house? Examine the fundamentals of your pictures-such since color, clearness, exposure, as well as composition. Does one LOVE your photos?!? Would you see your self in most of these photos?

Next, did they teach you a small sample video? How was your video? Carry out they modify their
video tutorials in-house? Are you given your unedited video footage? How considerably input are there?
Do they give high description? Although you aren’t required to utilize the similar
company with regard to video, it will definitely give you piece of mind and ensure that your
photographer spent some time working with ones videographer. It will likewise save a person in investigation
time and may reduce all round cost.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personality. 
The photographer may be the one vendor you spend your entire day with and it is around following wedding. So you need to be sure that suits you them! Determine their professionalism and reliability. Did they answer your entire questions while asking you about your day? If anybody you are generally sitting with just isn’t shooting ones event, will you do have a chance in order to meet the photographer that’s? (a NEED TO! )

By meeting, you’ll have a chance to speak with them “one on one” to talk about the details of your evening plus their experience, style as well as vision for ones event. Deciding on a “studio” spanning a sole owner has it’s strengths: they can have a wider number of photographers available; they frequently have the crew “on call” with regard to back-up; they carry insurance and workman’s workers comp; plus…caterers and also other vendors generally prefer studios for his or her reputation as well as professionalism, which will extend beyond what single individual can offer. So although just one photographer working out of their house may supply nice pics and excellent service, a studio supplies the security, resources as well as consistency to ensure that your marriage ceremony goes off of smoothly.

A expression about “newbies”… Although it is not all beginner photographers are set up equal, the easiest method to ensure you receive a high quality wedding album is always to hire an experienced professional with a solid background that to attract. Surely the amateur can certainly shoot many nice photos, but a wedding requires a great deal more than knowledge of a camera. Remember, wedding photography is much different than any other type of photography. The photographer should be a ringleader, therapist, babysitter, journey guide, camp counselor and even more! So choosing a true professional can be a must. Don’t sacrifice quality or select a “friend of the friend” that recently had wedding images. Finally, learn if your photographer has shot pictures wedding location before. If they have, they might know of places for getting good shots or solutions to capture moments the best.

How much does it cost

While you want to make sure you adore your photos, get combined with the photographer as well as feel safe in your studio you’ve chosen…you additionally need something else to work: THE SELLING PRICE! Budget is really as important since any part of the equation when choosing a photographer. So here are some important what you should note: One does get whatever you pay with regard to! Some photography lovers cut corners to offer you a “cheaper” cost. What crevices? How concerning no insurance…or albums which are made overseas (and drop apart)…or publishing done from CVS…or photographers who may have shot 3 marriage ceremonies before your’s (but are generally cheap to help hire)…or more painful: they don’t produce what they promise, and you wind up in small claims court. You DON’T ought to book your big, big package! You must be able to include whatever you want…and right at that moment you want it. Salespeople will try to sell you packages that supply you your “best deal” when actually, it’s a bunch of stuff a person don’t will need. Go from the prices as well as choose only what you need. You can certainly always revisit after the marriage to include additional items. Not all people wants to purchase an album they’ve already yet to obtain. So get the pricing before hand. Now, packages from time to time do give a good price, but as long as it’s with items/services which you are required. Ask a lot of questions and you should definitely get your answers you choose. Remember, You are the one particular paying the following!

Don’t forget the Small Print

Make confident you read over the legal details of exactly what you should get previous to signing your contract. Do you own the rights for a images? Can a person print them by yourself? Are each of the images modified at no additional price tag? Will ones photos become hosted on the web? If a person add something later on, will a person pay the same price as the day of signing? Can it include full coverage of the afternoon?

The answer to All the above should be YES!

And you should definitely find this out and even more. Also, guarantee that your transaction schedule is actually easily understood and listen to what sorts of payment are generally acceptable. If an organization accepts cards (which nearly all should) they can not limit how/when you should use your cards for obligations. Credit greeting cards also offer you another covering of protection because they allow so that you can dispute the charge when the photographer won’t deliver. In closing, no question can be a bad dilemma!


What are your thoughts ??  Please leave us comment in the section below, we would love your input to help couples make the right choice when choosing the best wedding photographer for them 

5 top tips for choosing a wedding photographer

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