Unusual wedding invitation ideas

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Unusual wedding invitation ideas for 2016

Our photography team have put together a handy list of unusual wedding invitation ideas to help inspire you.

Travel inspired wedding invitations


Perfect for couples who love to travel. This elegant wedding invitation with box has the WOW factor you need for your wedding invitation.

Chocolate themed wedding invitation

willy wonka wedding invitation


Your guests will love you when the receive the golden ticket for you wedding. This willy Wonka themed wedding invitation is perfect for those chocolate loving couples.

Monopoly themed wedding invitations

monopoly themed wedding invitations


Marriage is a pass go, collect £200 game. If you love monopoly you will love this wedding invitation idea.

Record inspired wedding invitation

vinyl inspired wedding invitation records

We love this vinyl inspired wedding invitation.

Nautical inspired wedding invitation


Can you imagine the look on your guests faces when they receive this amazing wedding invitation. We are not to sure on the postage for this. We do not suggest throwing into the sea and hoping for the best. But it’s worth a try.


Unusual wedding invitation ideas

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